Tips for Balancing both Boards & Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are like a deciding factor on the way one need to enter in the next phase of their life. It includes clearing out the entrance exams for the best college and desired course. And at the same time, board exams also play a vital role as the mark sheet of 12th standard stays with you for the rest of the life. Most of the students start to prepare for their career like NEET, IIT-JEE and more by going to the best IIT coaching in Mumbai. Now, the students juggle up in between the how to manage time between the both as in boards and preparation for board exams.

To sort out your problems, here are some of the tips that you can use for balancing both IIT  & Neet entrance exams preparation and board exam preparation together.

  • Find the Common Element: Most of the entrance exams serve you with the common elements that you can take advantage of. You can start by jotting down the similarities or common areas of topics or subjects. Then start preparing for boards and when a common topic arises, you can dedicate more time by going in depth in that particular topic. This way you can practice questions from the entrance exam syllabus too.
  • Customize Your Preparation: The upper mentioned point was all about the common topics but what should you do for others. Some of the areas like aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, quantitative/numerical aptitude can be developed only with regular practice. For this, you need to give out extra 1-2 hours from the day.
  • Do a Mock Analysis: By regularly going to IIT coaching can only develop your skills, but for attaining a level of perfectionism, you can do practice regularly and then judge out your level of performance by taking a mock test. This way your weak areas would be highlighted.
  • Prioritize topics: While boards and entrance exams both are important, thus, it is important that you prioritize the topics. You can prepare a schedule as in what all important topics are to be covered and follow it.
  • Know Where You Stand: Most of the students generally follow their peers just because they’re able to do everything. But you should never adopt to your friend’s efficiency and stick to the limit. Analyze your limit and then you need to work according to the limit and also prepare your schedule according to it.