RadhasaiAbout IIT : Indian Institutes of Technology were given a special status by an act of Parliament (Indian Institutes Of Technology Act 1961)Towards the end of the British regime in India, the idea of having World Class Engineering Institutes in India emerged. This was further promoted by India’s First Prime Minister Jawaharlal  Nehru.

The first IIT was formed at Kharagpur in 1952, followed by the Institute at Bombay (1958) and rest at Delhi, Kanpur, Madras.Today there are in all 23 Institutes strewn across the nation.All of these are unique in the sense that they are all Residential Schools. IIT’s are manned by top class academicians who believed that they can formulate a meritocracy if they are given the powers to decide, WHOM to admit, WHERE to admit and HOW to conduct the syllabi. Each IIT is like an Autonomous University.Today, brand IIT is recognized ALL across the Globe.

Team Radhasai  NEET welcomes you to the world of “Life sciences and Medical Careers”. In this booklet we are giving a gist of admission process for different options available to the aspiring students.

Radhasai – NEET is the Single Point Source for P,C and B instead of usual segregated approach for having to depend on two or three diverse sources. Team Radhasai NEET has highly experienced teachers who know the entire nitty gritty of the exam after having tended to thousands of students who have seen the previous formats of examinations like AIPMT, AFMC and even AIIMS entrance tests over the years
From the 2013–14 academic session, the overall availability of MBBS seats in India rose to 42,169. The health ministry is striving to achieve the target doctor-patient ratio of 1:1000 by 2021, which at present is 1:2000. The government plans to increase overall availability of MBBS seats to 80,000 and of PG seats to 45,000 from the current 22,194 by 2021. The aim is to reduce the shortage of doctors, which is currently pegged at around 800,000. India has 27 regional cancer centres,400 RT machines are available for cancer treatment. With such a huge deficit of  Medical Professionals, the health care industry is emerging as a sunrise industry.
But ironically qualifying the NEET exam in addition to securing a good percentile in the Class 12 examination is no mean feat. Nevertheless, this is what 17-year-olds in India are required to do in order to get into MEDICAL.
The most important point to ponder is that contrary to general perception   NEET has not become difficult as its pattern is still the same , it will still have 180 mcqs , 90 from biology, 45 from Physics and 45 from Chemistry . A Now admission in all the medical colleges of India including all the AIIMS and JIPMER will be based on the marks scored in NEET


RADHASAI caters to the diverse needs of each student – their capacity and caliber.Our aim is to ensure that our students achieve their full potential they are capable of achieving.Unlike many other so called “Outfits” we pride ourselves in ensuring that we do step by step justice to the students in the sense that they are covered fully for the following


We pride ourselves in changing the Whole Game of the current education pattern. Instead of running after revenues alone, we want to generate a MERITOCRACY of sorts.We have developed Various Systems as per the following Credos :


We believe in forward control in tracking the progress of our wards on an “ongoing” basis.We give CONSTANT FEEDBACK to both Students and Parents and Suggest Remedial Measures.

#2)   HIERARCHY  OF  TESTS : We have lined up the following variants of tests to elicit Strengths and Weaknesses of our students.

  1. Congnition Test : A congnition test is a test prepared by Expert Teachers Panel.
  2. Erudition Test : A test prepared by our In-house Team Of Teachers
  3. Juxtapose Test : An exact Replica of the JEE MAINS and ADVANCED Tests on a Pen And Paper Methodology.
  4. Online  Test :     Exact Replica of JEE MAIN and ADVANCED but COMPUTER BASED (CBT Methodology).



As responsible education administrator we understand the importance of sensitivising students of their innate psychological bents of mind by deploying the services of Top Class Psychologists who have huge and practical experience in catering to the Capabilities and Limitations of Mumbai based Metropolitan Students. This is an “ONGOING” process and We counsel both Students and Parents accordingly.


We believe that there is a Complete derth of Role Models to emulate for the current generation students, we make it up by inviting our past students to talk on one on one basis with our students and share their Success Tips with them.

Our uniqueness lies in taking TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for the benefit of our students and in their journey for two years . We ensure that they are given not just a


We ensure that the students develop this attitude of checking out on how each single mark was lost in every test. We encourage students to categorize Lost Marks in the variants like

  • Conceptual Errors
  • Calculation Errors
  • Avoidable of stupid Errors
  • Not understanding the language and semantics of the Question
  • Circling the wrong bubble due to lack of mindfulness


We arrange Visits of Students to IIT Bombay and JJ Hospital to rub off the ambience and First Hand Experience the look and feel of an Academically Invigorating Ambience.


We take Proactive Measures to imbibe the above qualities in a Wilful and Methodical way by Organizing Competitions like – Testing out students on both their Speed and Accuracy of RECALL and RECORD it in a Video to purposefully showcase it to them