RadhasaiRADHASAI IIT/NEET is a “One Of a Kind” Institute situated in the Education Landscape of the City of Mumbai. The institute was built on strong foundations of TRUST, DELIVERANCE and INCULCATING RIGHT HABITS in their Students. Only die-hard teachers can provide Complete 360 Degrees well-rounded education. We do not believe in Quick Fixes but rather would beat the unconventional Path of building upon strengths of our students and identifying their weaknesses and provide early interventions to bring them on the right path.

Several of our alumni have done excellently , both in the academic and thence the Professional Sphere.We  are very finicky about our faculty selection and have brought on board only the very best and well-proven teachers. ALL of our teachers are either IITians (IITB) or Doctorates in their respective fields of Specialisation. We believe in Bolstering learning by providing complete guidance in aspects of teaching such as introduction of the subject and topic, followed by graded question and exercises and viva voce. 

To inculcate and foster a competitive spirit in our students, we have adopted the same methodology as is followed in the famed IITs. It is a unique way of time spaced TUTORIALS which promotes continuous rather than SPORADIC learning. So many distractions to the current metropolitan students, our teaching-learning ways of EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE is a drastic departure from old ways adopted by many institutes strewn across Mumbai.

We are fortunate in having Respected Dr. Hemchandra Pradhan Sir ( Ex-Director of Homi Bhabha Centre for School Education) as our PATRON. He reviews our results, proceedings and suggests suitable changes in our methodology on an ongoing basis. We ensure that there are not more than 15 students in each batch so that the teaching is completely personalised for each student. We are not a humdrum commercial organisation, chasing top line and bottom line but an educational edifice of high repute.

Our History & About Teachers

Radhasai IIT/NEET seed was sown in 2015 when this pious field was ensconced unscrupulously by bigticket brands in the name of education. The sanctity of education was in doldrums when Mr.Saiprasad Ail set sail to different parts of India(Bihar , Kota ,Hyderabad ,Delhi) to understand the nitty gritty of underlying current that puts parents in an emotional turmoil of sorts after handing over their child to coaching institutes .None of the institutes all over India were willing to take responsibility of the failure of the child ,which amazingly is to the tune of 99% of intake .In that sense they do not want to be accountable.

 As Dr. Hemchandra Pradhan sir (PhD-  MIT , Patron –RADHASAI  IIT/NEET and Ex Director Homi Bhabha Center  for School Education) rightly states “Teacher is a parent and a child’s failure tantamounts to the failure of the consanguineous soul who blesses the teacher to be in this noble field .Unfortunately teachers in today’s world are weary of taking responsibility and be a mentor or a Patron to his student ,thus child takes a circuitious route to dooms day celebration”

Thus Mr. Saiprasad with blessing from Dr. Hemchandra Pradhan and under the radiance of Prof. Ravindra Nadkarni sir (IIT -Bom  ,Mentor –RADHASAI IIT/NEET  ), the Pioneer and Stalwart in IIT /NEET education field , nurtured a team of teachers who are content driven and highly venerated. Then in 2016 a team of PhD’s  from Kota was hired to draft notes in a highly systematized and micro analytical detailed approach , which took nearly 2 years for its completion during which teachers were ingrainly trained to acclamatise in to our unique system (as all our teachers have produced IIT’ians and Doctors in their own capacity of private tutors year after year).

Monthly programme (Activity based with role play ) is a core part of our system channelized by the organization  of corporate CEO trainers who deal with Psycho analysis detailing of the progression of child on a month on month basis .With Dr. Hemchandra Pradhan sir himself lending Patronage to students and Mentoring by Prof. Ravindra Nadkarni sir ,students find a lively environment where fellow Radhasaiet is absorbed as a family member rather than a colleague .

Match this :4000 hrs of intensive coaching from IIT Bombay and PhD faculty in a batch of just 15 students –Gurukul system is in function in a sophisticated environment with old time zeal in our institute.Library with atleast 15 copies each of revered author ,individual locker system ,Spacious 2500 sqft premise lend credibility and enhances the aura of wisdom .

In this two year programme, students solve atleast 20000 problems in classroom and in excess of 20000 problems from Notepads (DPP) after class room hours with full time Inhouse faculty tending to the minutest nuances  of the syllabus .Meditation (in meditation studio ) is an integral part of coaching .We imbibe the values of the saying “ Every individual is creator of his own destiny which inturn is curated by his thoughts and action”…Since Thoughts and Actions are highly influential characters incensed by role models. Hence our institute is imbued with illustrious IIT’ians from IITB and PhD holders in their sanguine subject with a Thespian of Education as Mentor and Stalwart of Olympiad as Patron for a steady stream of influential beam glowing around our students for continuous motivation.

We pride ourselves as the ‘GAME CHANGERS’ in this field of IIT/NEET coaching with the traditional method of coaching in which subjects are taught from reference books and practiced from self made worksheets with round the clock monitoring of studies and behavioural pattern.