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RADHASAI IIT/NEET Leading Coaching Institute for IIT NEET in Mumbai

RADHASAI IIT/NEET coaching is  a venture formed with elan  to counter worrisome scenario of educational negligence in IIT/NEET tutorials where talented teachers are sidelined and students are taught in a  monopolistic and typically regimentised pathway to follow. This curbs conjuring up most elegant ways to solve problems.

Team RADHASAI IIT/NEET is confluence of  highly learned teachers with IIT and Doctorate credentials mentoring students for JEE/NEETexams. Radhasai wants to bring a Paradigm shift in viewing IIT/NEET preparation NOT as a Business enterprise but building a true Meritocracy! [IIT NEET coaching]

JEE Main & Advanced

RADHASAI- IIT has embarked on an onerous journey of coaching for IIT (MAINS/ADVANCED) with the planery objective of imparting edification for IIT by IIT’ians. Team RADHASAI being IIT’ians themselves understands the intricate genesis to crack IIT with the mantra “Prudence through Pragmatism”

Sally through wisdom –IIT booklet is testament of indepth analysis and gargantuan talent of team Radhasai – IIT .We welcome you aboard to the world of “Engineering and Technology”.

Medical Courses

RADHASAI-NEET is the Single Point Source for P,C and B instead of usual segregated approach for having to depend on two or three diverse sources. Team Radhasai NEET has highly experienced teachers who know the entire nitty gritty of the exam after having tended to thousands of students who have seen the previous formats of examinations like AIPMT, AFMC and even AIIMS tests over the years

“Your Voyage to the shores of  being a renowned Medical  Professional has just begun!!”

Foundation Courses

Radhasai Foundation is a honestone for sharpening skills at a very early age so that the child is transmogrified to be a Mot-justic Menhir in years to come .

The whole hitch lies in the unholy habit of our young minds being tuned to cramming up things even if they do  not know a thing about the intricacies of even subjects like mathematics, the students can just walkaway with great marks just by cramming or so to say aping the logic rather blindly.

Our Unique methodology derives its strength from making the students first to unlearn the Cramming approach and kindle in them the light of fundamentals rather than rote learning. We are not on the Periphery of the Teaching – Learning process, we are at the Core of it.

Hemchandra  C. Pradhan Sir ,Patron,Ex  Director of  HBCSE (Homi Bhabha center for science education). Well Known Scholar. PhD in Theoretical Nuclear Physics- from MIT Boston the USA.

Nadkarni sir IIT Bombay ,Mentor with more than 40 yrs of experience of mentorship to students preparing for JEE Advanced as well as higher education. He is a beacon and a guide to thousands of students and their Parents across categories.
Teaching Faculty : Entire in-house team comprising of IIT Bom. and Doctorate faculty.

TEAM RADHASAI IIT/NEET  believes a progenitor intervolves through perspicaciouness and perseverance lassoed by parents and esteemed teachers. We understand the tightrope you as a parent have to trudge balancing between comeuppance nincompoop attitude of your child on one side and profound  ingenuity on the other ;Thus the toughest task is to forage for the erudite institute which will hone and proselytize childs talent in the right direction.

Radhasai  IIT coaching is and will remain rocksteady behind your child , always!!
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In our very first batch (2018-2020 ) we had five (5) students Ishaan Arora secured the prestigious “CS” branch in *“IIIT Vadodara” *also stood 121 rank in Mumbai and 285 rank out of 1.72 lakh students appeared in Maharashtra for MHCET” Ishaan Arora (97.2 percentile) has left nearly 8 lakh 49 thousand students behind from around 8 lakh 70 thousand students who appeared for the exams from all over India.
This is a testimony to our Long Term Vision, Creating Meaningful  Values and our dedication to our uncommon Mission to bring about and deliver the Paradigm Shift in IIT/NEET Coaching.
We Believe we have an unassailable Team and we have realized the First Results of our dream of providing a completely “Tailor-made” study plan for our students and MENTOR them on an ONGOING BASIS!
We invite you to meet us at yr earliest to know and experience about the sheer Tenacity of our students /Unmatched Team of   Distinguished Mentors and Teaching Faculties/ Personalised Attention to each student /  Robust Processes, Counselling, Practice, Monitoring and Guiding Support Systems to make an informed decision for yr Child.

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  • Fees refund policy if not qualified for JEE Advanced entrance exams/ NEET score below 360 (with only one criteria that students should not bunk more then 10 lectures).
  • Only 15 students in a batch. For astute planning ,organising, coordinating ,monitoring and finally controlling students output thereby building personalised, friendly and efficient  fundamentals brick by brick.
  • Entire syllabus will be handled by IIT’ian / Doctorates (who have “BEEN THERE” and “DONE THAT”!!)
  • Mentorship programme for each batch handled by celebrated thespian of educational field monitored by patron
  • Humanoid software covering entire syllabus of JEE Advanced and NEET to each student.
  • Daily practice papers for building absolute perfection attitude.
  • JEE Advanced /NEET exams even during initial phase to develop experiential learning.
  • Personalised and comprehensive (copyrighted ) notes of each subject specifically designed to the minutest detail by IIT Bom faculties .
  • Entire syllabus is taught by max 2 teachers wherein Doubtsolving , Mark lost analysis report (after each exam to sensitise students to perils of a variety of ways to lose precious marks in a highly competitive environment), Revision , Recapitulation and even coining of original paper is done by the (in-house) concerned teacher .
  • Know your limitations programme every month for analysing each child’s folly ,to nip the doubts in bud.
  • Parent- teacher meet in presence of the students , every alternate month for dipstick analysis and feed back.
  • Library facility
  • Career counselling and motivational lectures by leaders of the industry (in the veins of likes of H.C.Pradhan sir PhD MIT ) along with educational tours to IIT Bom. and government medical colleges to imbibe the waveform of students studying in such prestigious institutes.



Chembur :
Edel unit no1. Next to federal bank , Central avenue road Chembur 400071

Contact Now: 8823890473

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We have a Vision and Mission of totally differentiating our brand on multiple fronts. We want to make a drastic departure from the culture of ‘Quick Fix’ and ‘Short Cuts’ and instead build an organization that imparts ‘Enduring Capabilities’ to our students.

Currently, the IIT-NEET coaching outfits are plagued with chronic problems such as –    low trust, no shared vision and values, misalignment and even disempowerment. We at Radhasai believe that Preparation for competitive exams is not just about breaking free from the set patterns humdrum ; also its not about quick fix aspirin tablets to subside the pain just for a few hours But it is  to set sail on unchartered waters with a single minded zeal to doubly ensure full potential is achieved.

Our Teaching Experts and Mentors know what exactly competition is all about and through constant observation of  the type of errors the students commit, they ensure that they are ironed out on a continual rather than sporadic basis.


Team Radhasai IIT/NEET